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Emotional Healing & Deliverance (Mashah)

Cost: $99 Per Session - Payment must be made for your order to be complete.

RHM International offers a unique combination of Pastoral Counseling, Emotional Healing and Deliverance. Our pastoral counselors/prayer ministers are trained in using the Word of God in a safe, powerful, and effective method. Ministry is available to both men and women.


With a ministry session, you will receive:

  1. A 60-90 minute session with a trained ministry individual or team.

  2. An opportunity to receive healing from our wonderful God..

  3. Freedom that will help you move forward in all God has for you.


What Are People Saying?

Thank you for the amazing ministry in the Lord! Thank you for all your notes too. I am putting them in my notebook to save and review. I am so excited for the freedom I received in this ministry, and I am looking forward to rereading the words – and standing on them in faith, and declaring them. – Ministry Receiver

I know the freedom I experienced today is because of the healing I received through this ministry. – Ministry Receiver

I can say with certainty that I would not be alive today if it were not for hearing from the Lord through Mashah ministry…The ministry is life-changing; it saved my life. – Ministry Receiver

Mashah Ministry has confirmed for me that the Lord loves to see change in us and consistent, forward movement toward wholeness and health of the entire person. Mashah Ministry has been one of the most significant ways the Lord has brought change into my life! – Ministry Receiver.


Ready to Apply?

1. Complete the online form

2. Sign the consent form

3. Enter payment information


The application is not sent to us until you complete the checkout process. Don’t wait to receive ministry. Complete Checkout Today!


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