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"For years, I have used the tenets of Mashah in my clinical practice to address a wide variety of disorders both personal and relational.  The results have been overwhelmingly successful and sustainable.  They work well with CBT and other effective therapies.  My clients have expressed how applicable and thorough the tools are.  I HIGHLY recommend Mashah to any helper who wants measurable and sustainable results for the individuals in their care."


Anne M. Parsell


Can I Use Mashah As Part Of My Counseling Practice?​

To our wonderful clinicians - 

Thank you for your many study hours and for sowing into people's lives. You pour out the love of the Heavenly Father in so many ways.

In talking with counselors, we understand that there is a dynamic of emotional healing and deliverance that has not been taught in your studies. The Mashah model can be safely and effectively used within your counseling to take your clients even further in their healing.

Interested? Contact us today. We'd love to share more about Mashah with you and answer any questions you may have about this ministry model and your practice.

In the mean time, please take a look at what a licensed counselor has to say about using Mashah in her practice:


"As a licensed clinical counselor I have been trained and continue to gain knowledge as it relates to best practices for my clients. However, I was unequipped when demonic activity showed up in sessions with my clients. Although it is not discussed much in clinical trainings, demonic activity is real, and as practicing clinicians we should treat it as such.


A mentor pointed me to The Mashah Training, and I’ve found this training to mesh well with other clinical trainings. I am gaining knowledge and confidence in what to do, and what to say in these situations. This training is giving me and my clients the tools to harness our full authority in the spirit realm. I believe that this training is helping my clients to live life abundantly, which is Jesus’ heart."


Tammy Holland, LCMH, CCTP

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If you are interested in using Mashah for your practice, please contact us today and we will be in touch with you soon! 

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